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The Andrew Grima Omega Emerald is a notable piece in the history of horology and jewelry design, representing a collaboration between Omega, the renowned Swiss watchmaker, and Andrew Grima, a celebrated British jewelry designer. Grima's designs often featured bold, abstract forms and the use of uncut gemstones, which distinguished his work from more traditional jewelry.


The collaboration between Grima and Omega took place primarily in the late 1960s and early 1970s, a time when Omega was seeking to innovate and expand its design horizons. Grima’s approach to watch design was unconventional. He treated the watch as a piece of jewelry first, focusing on artistic expression and the integration of natural elements.


Today, watches from this collaboration are highly prized by collectors for their unique design and historical significance. They represent a fusion of technical watchmaking excellence and innovative jewelry design.


This Omega Deville Emerald by Andrew Grima for sale is presented in all round good condtion. There is some light wear to the case as you would expect from a vintage watch but luckily, the emerald shape crystal remains intact. The dial is a beautiful grey taupe colour or as some collectors call it a ghost dial due to the white font being less visable under sunlight.

The watch is powered by the Omega manual wind calibre 620 and is currently running well and keeping good time. I do not know the service history of the watch.

I have fitted the watch with a brand new Hirsch light grey suede strap that will fit up to a 7 and half in wrist.

Omega Deville Emerald by Andrew Grima

SKU: 009
  • 1970's

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